Broward County GUILTY of Including NON-Covid Deaths in Covid-19 Death Count



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The Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office provided a document in response to a request for the spreadsheet of deaths in the county that have been counted as Covid-19 deaths.  The State of Florida provided the same.  After a preliminary review of Broward County, 77 cases out the reported 708 cases were found to be clearly not from Covid-19.  These cases included deaths such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney failure, overdose of sleeping pills and even a case of diabetes with gangrene in the lower leg.  

Many cases state that the patient had little or no Covid-19 symptoms, some even outright stating the patient was “asymptomatic.”  Others show that there were both positive and negative test results for a patient, making it unclear whether the patient was infected with Covid-19, or not.  There are even cases that are listed as “accident” due to a fall.

Beyond these 77 cases there are dozens more questionable cases that do not give clear details in order to conclude that the patient died from Covid-19.  Some patients have shortness of breath listed as their only Covid-19 symptom yet the same patients have another condition like coronary artery disease where the same symptom is typical making it unclear if the patient had shortness of breath due to their heart condition or due to Covid-19. 

Even more troubling is that the Broward Medical Examiner does not list any of the deaths that are a primary cause from Covid-19 in the manner directed by the U.S. Standard Certificate of Death as published by the National Center for Health Statistics and CDC.  On their website, the CDC instructs death certifiers to list the primary cause of death as a chain of events starting from the underlying cause and ending with the immediate cause of death.  The Broward Medical Examiner did not report these conditions on any of these Covid-19 patients, simply writing instead, “Covid-19,” “Covid-19 Infection” or “Complications of Covid-19” leaving families to wonder what the condition the virus actually caused.