Is Cronyism and Profit Driving the Palm Beach County Mask Mandate?

Update: It has been brought to my attention that the number in the second line may have been cut off and may actually be 1 million (it reads as 000,000)

If that's true, then PBC actually ordered 1.5 million masks from a friend and donor of Kerner's well before a mask "vote".

Is Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner guilty of ethics violations?

Today, an anonymous source shared with me the results of a PRR (public records request) which indicates that Palm Beach County ordered half a million masks, presumably to mail to residents to assist them in complying with its unconstitutional executive order requiring facial coverings. 

What is puzzling, is that these masks were purchased nearly a full week prior to the Commissioners' meeting in which they voted to mandate masks county wide. 

Perhaps just as strange, is that the company contracted to provide the masks -- who received upward toward $4 million dollars to do so -- donated to Mayor David Kerner's campaign in late May. 

Three donations show $1,000 each from Mayorca Enterprises, Miguel Mayorca, and Iilene Mayorca, respectively. 

Is it not more than a bit troubling that the same entity who donated thousands of dollars to Mayor Kerner's campaign was also awarded a huge contract to provide half a million masks to Palm Beach County? More disturbing, is the knowledge that these masks were purchased almost a full week prior to the vote in which the commissioners mandated masks in Palm Beach County.

 Here's a simple timeline:

 • 5/26/20: Three separate $1,000 donations from Mayorca, his company and, presumably his wife, to Mayor Kerner's campaign. 

 • 6/17/20: Half a million masks ordered by Palm Beach County 

 • 6/23/2020: Palm Beach County Commissioners vote to mandate facial coverings 

 • 6/26/2020: Palm Beach Post reports Palm Beach County will begin mailing masks to residents.

 This raises so many ethical questions: 

 What personal connection does Mayor Kerner have with Miguel Mayorca and Mayorca Enterprises? 

Was Mayorca Enterprises awarded the mask contract because of this relationship?

If Mayor Kerner has a personal or business relationship with Miguel Mayorca or his company, did he disclose this relationship to county officials?

Why were nearly a million masks ordered BEFORE the vote to mandate masks and before the decision to mail them to residents?

Is cronyism, not safety, driving the Palm Beach County mask mandate?

Has Mayor Kerner received any kind of "kickback", gifts, or financial incentive from Mayorca Enterprises?

Does this serve as evidence that the mandate was already decided by Mayor Kerner prior to the commissioners' vote on June 23rd?

These are only a few questions begging to be answered. Please contact the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics by visiting their website. There is a form you can print and mail here, or you may call them at 877.766.5920 and staff will take anonymous information or you may send your complaint anonymously by mail to 300 North Dixie Highway, Suite 450, West Palm Beach, FL  33401. 

Reopen Florida was first to break this story.