Action Alert: Tell Governor DeSantis to End the State of Emergency

 Tell Governor DeSantis to end the state of emergency!

We Floridians have been existing under a state of emergency for nearly a full six months due to Covid-19, which has had disastrous consequences for our state and its citizens -- including false arrests, mass unemployment, loss of businesses & livelihood, and the converting of unhealthy CDC recommendations into unlawful and unconstitutional mask mandates and other draconian loss of freedoms. 

We are no longer willing to live under a perpetual state of "emergency" as we witness the erosion of our freedoms. 

We demand Governor DeSantis to end the state of emergency immediately or allow it to expire on September 5th, 2020 and DO NOT extend it. 


Here's how:

Email the Governor here:  Email Governor Ron DeSantis

Copy and paste the script below if desired: 

Governor DeSantis, 

As you know, you have already extended the state of emergency twice. Over a million Floridians are still out of work. People are suffering, businesses are suffering, children are suffering. What started as "15 days to stop the spread" has now lasted for six full months. The current extension is set to expire on September 5th.

We are urging you to allow it to expire and do not extend it further. 

Sir, put your state back in order.

Thank you, 

Your Name


On Facebook: Please tag the governor by typing @govRonDeSantis and let him know that you support him ending the state of emergency!


On Twitter: Please copy and paste this tweet:

We, the free citizens of #Florida, demand @GovRonDeSantis to end the state of emergency effective immediately or allow it to expire on September 5th. #reopenFL #NoNewNormal


Also, if you have not already done so, please sign the petition to end unlawful mask mandates here:

Let your voice be heard!