Action Alert: Tell Nikki Fried NO MASK MANDATES

Nikki Fried is the current Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the only Democrat in the Cabinet. She continues to pressure Governor DeSantis into mandating masks statewide, a political decision he’s reluctant to make.


Tell Governor DeSantis that Floridians DO NOT WANT MANDATED MASKS. 

Email the Governor here:

Sample email: (copy and paste to use this sample or compose your own message


Governor DeSantis, 

I am writing to show my support of keeping masks and face coverings in the state of Florida VOLUNTARY. I realize you are receiving pressure from such people as Nikki Fried to force face coverings on free citizens, but the people of Florida stand behind you in freedom and support your decision to keep masks voluntary, NOT mandatory. We ask that you listen to your constituents and uphold the oath you took to both the U.S Constitution and the Florida Constitution and KEEP MASKS VOLUNTARY. 

Thank you, 

(your name)


Tweet: @GovRonDeSantis

OR sample tweet: We the people of Florida are calling on @GovRonDeSantis to keep masks VOLUNTARY. Please do not cave to the pressure of those who are asking you to ignore the oath you took to defend liberty. Please DO NOT MANDATE MASKS in Florida due to political pressure or fear. #reopenFL


Contact Nikki Fried:
(850) 617-7700

Sample message: 

Ms. Fried,

We the free citizens of Florida reject your political pressure toward our Governor to mandate masks and stand firm in our support to keep masks voluntary. HONOR YOUR OATH and stop attempting to usurp the Governor's authority. We will not allow your partisan politics to steal our freedom! 


Nikki Fried has also suggested that Mark Rubio and Rick Scott support mandated masks. 

Please contact them here: 

Rick Scott:                    

Sample message and tweet:

We the free people of Florida demand that you stand behind YOUR governor, who has repeatedly said that masks and face coverings should be VOLUNTARY and reject any and all calls to mandate masks in Florida! Your constituents are watching. 


Please let your voice be heard!