Broward County Covid Deaths Inflated: Report


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The Broward County Medical Examiner's Office reports 708 Covid-19 deaths.  

90 of those cases, by the words of the actual document, are not caused by Covid.  Most often the cases describe the patient without conclusive Covid symptoms.  Some have evidence of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure or other fatal diagnoses. These cases are shaded in RED on the Florida XL spreadsheet.

125 of the 708 cases are not clear in the cause of death. For example, "shortness of breath" may be included but it is not clear if that symptom is from Covid-19 or another condition such as heart disease. These cases are shaded in BROWN.

40 of the 708 cases involve a patient that "stopped breathing" while on a ventilator.  None of the cases explain what occurred in any medical terms.  These cases are shaded in ORANGE.

9 of the 708 cases show testing that is not conclusive.  The patient tested both negative and positive for Covid-19 on different days.  These cases are shaded in YELLOW although there are many instances of this issue included in the RED cases.

3 of the 708 cases are concerns about the patient's care at the ALF.  In one case the patient died on a Tuesday and staff reported that the patient had symptoms over the weekend.  It's not clear what actions were taken for the patient prior to death.  In another case, it's reported that 911 was called and that Fire/Rescue "started" CPR.  It isn't clear what actions the staff took prior to the arrival of Fire/Rescue.  These cases are shaded in GREEN but for cases that are shaded another color, the notes are in RED that mention a question of patient care.

ALL of the Broward cases are not written according to the U.S. Standard Certificate of Death instructions.  (Refer to Broward XL to see "Cause A" and "Cause B" categories.)  On their website, the CDC instructs death certifiers to list the primary cause of death as a chain of events starting from the underlying cause and ending with the immediate cause of death.  The Broward M.E. did not report these conditions on ANY of the Covid-19 deaths in their report.  Instead, they simply wrote, "Covid-19," "Covid-19 Infection," or "Complications of Covid-19."  None of these state the condition that Covid-19 caused that was the immediate cause of death such as “pneumonia” or “acute respiratory acidosis.”  With the proper use of this standard, it is likely that many of the cases could be clarified, and possibly removed from the list due to an illogical chain of events.  

A final point to note is that the secondary or "contributory" cause of death does NOT result in the primary cause of death, per the Standard. Applying that standard, Covid-19 listed in the secondary cause does not result in any part of the chain of events that immediately caused death.  Therefore, labeling a patient's death as a "Covid death" when Covid was a "contributory"condition is misleading because by definition, a contributory condition does NOT result in the chain of events that actually caused the death.

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