Free Hugs at the Primaries!

 I visited the polls in Orange County this evening to educate people about their rights, give free hugs, and tell people about the work we're doing at Reopen Florida. 

I met a family who is part of our Facebook group! They're homeschooling their son this year so he doesn't have to wear a mask all day!

I also got two other hugs and met an 83 year young woman who agrees with our position.

We were created to love and to be loved.

Touch is so vital to physical and mental health, it's truly is one of the only "settled sciences". We were created for connection, and I started this entire thing not because they attacked freedom -- but because they attacked connection (perhaps they are synonymous).

Yes, I love freedom and will fight for it as long as I live, but I am for connection first. People first. Heart first. Relationships first.

That doesn't mean I'm perfect --sooo far from it -- and hey, I'm not for everyone and everyone is not for me. And that's fine. 🤷‍♀️ 

At the end of the day though, we all deserve to breathe freely and connect with our tribe. Our kids deserve to play with each other and to freely visit their friends and family and to attend school mask-free. The elderly in care facilities deserve visitors and companionship and advocates. Lovers deserve to meet and touch. Free adults deserve to move about society without having to stand in squares or follow arrows down aisles or restrict their lives due to an unwarranted social anxiety manufactured by draconian "leaders". We deserve to shake hands, pat backs, see each other's smiles, go to concerts together, have a drink together, and freely exist and associate without a constant, unending brainwashing that our connections are dirty, dangerous, contagious, scary, or diseased.

So, I've been hugging everyone I meet (who consents, obviously) for going on 5 months now because when a hug becomes a radical act of civil disobedience, that's exactly the response someone like me would have.

Never lose your heart.