I'd Like to Speak to Governor DeSantis

On September 5th, Governor Ron DeSantis issued a letter to all 67 counties requesting "a complete response of information in writing pertaining to all actions...taken related to Covid-19" by September 15th.

One thing he asked was for "...specific information on any arrests and imprisonments due to violations of any such order..." 

I want to speak to The Governor about my traumatic experience of being unlawfully dragged off South Beach in Miami in handcuffs while holding a sign with The First Amendment of the Constitution. As a mom with a spotless record prior to that, I spent my first night ever away from my children forced to mask in a filthy jail that felons were released from for their own safety. Had the charges not been dismissed, I faced TWO YEARS and 60 days in jail if convicted. The stress this caused me still affects me today.

The arrest is still on my record and will follow me everywhere unless I pay to have it expunged.

I'm setting the intention to meet with the governor to tell him my experience.

I would like a commitment from him that no peaceful demonstrator will ever be subject to unlawful arrest or imprisonment in the state of Florida again as a result of exercising their freedom to peaceable assembly or for their right to freedom of speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and in accordance with the Florida State Constitution.

Please help me by sharing.